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Why Talking to Users is our #1 Priority

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By Nils Macharis

Hi there! My name is Laura, I am Product Manager at Lansweeper, located in Spain, and for the last year and a half, I have been focused on the Cloud platform. On a daily basis, I am in charge of coordinating designers and developers to build a product that entirely meets the needs of our customers.

How do we make sure that we are meeting those needs? The answer is simple: directly asking the people who daily use the product, our users. There are many channels that members of the Product team use to stay in touch with them.

On the one hand, we manage feedback quantitatively thanks to surveys and analytical tools on user behavior. When we identify pain points for a significant number of users, we carry out qualitative in-depth interviews and usability tests to fully understand the frustrations our users are facing. That’s how we obtain high-quality feedback that allows us to propose solutions and find new opportunities.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this process is feeling how motivated our user community is to participate in those valuable feedback sessions.

I’m very grateful to Lansweeper for the initiative
to involve the client to make the tool better.โ€

Mauro de Mitri ยท Honda Motor

Some of the most significant improvements on the Lansweeper Cloud Platform emerged via customer feedback: Asset Scopes – a mass-requested functionality that allows users to segment the number of Assets that can be managed by different users and sites. Tasks – a lightweight in-app notification system that guides users through the Platform, helping them to get the most value out of all the available functionalities.

Besides improving existing problems, we’re heavily invested in improving the User Experience in this new version. Introducing a completely new, user-friendly, and performant interface that guarantees better useability for our users’, in a more comfortable way. It didn’t take long to get some first impressions:

โ€œI like this new interface. It seems to be clean, modern, 
and very different from the previous one.โ€‹ In my opinion, simple interfaces are better and easier to use.โ€

Christian Schmidt ยท Deloitte

After weeks and months of hard work, it’s time to ask ourselves the million-dollar question: are we ready to announce the Lansweeper Cloud Platform to the world? Only our users know the right answer. That is why we have designed a survey that will help us determine where to invest more time and resources, and when we could go live. Do you dare to participate in it?

I hope we’ll meet in person during one of our sessions soon. Thank you for being part of our user community.

Laura from Lansweeper

Laura from Lansweeper
Product Manager


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