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Introducing A New and Improved API

3 min. read
By Esben Dochy

Last year we released the initial version of our API which already resulted in multiple integrations. As there is always room for improvements and we’ve received plenty of feedback, we now released API V2!

API V2 Improvements

V2 got a dedicated API backend. This makes it more stable, faster and will reduce the number of future changes required. API V2 will be backward compatible.

Additionally, we renamed field names and reorganized the entire system to make finding data easier. We expanded the data coverage. With this new system, we started adding more exciting data, like Asset/User/Software relationships, custom fields, and more!

A brand new feature released today is the option to work together on API integrations. You can share an application with other Lansweeper Cloud users to allow multiple developers to manage an application together.

multiple managers API application

If you want a full overview of the changes including which fields have been added or deprecated, you can download the full changelog (and migration) documentation here.

Migrating the API

If you are currently making use of the initial version of the API, and you want to make use of all of the new features and improvements of the API V2, you will need to migrate your application from V1 to V2.

To help guide you through this process, You can find a specific section “How to migrate” in the document linked above or use the instructions below.

Migrating Instructions

In order to migrate your current integration from API V1 to V2, you should ensure the following steps:

  1. The endpoint to execute queries over API V2 model should be changed to this new API link.

  2. In case you are using assetResources query type, check the fields requested to be aligned with this document:

    A. Remove deprecated fields
    B. Check if some of your fields appear in Modified types section and adapt the path-building to new names. To know the root types of path building, the ExportFilteredResponse appears in this document in Modified types.
    C. You can add the new types that you want.

  3. In case you are using exportFilteredAssets, you should adapt the graphql types requested, as is explained in step 2 review the deprecated and modified types.

  4. Navigate to this link that points to App Lansweeper – in the webhooks section you can see a new selector API version:

    A. Change the version to Version 2.
    B. The selected entities have been removed and the API V2 available entities will appear. Select the entities that you want, take into account the payloads of each entity are following the types explained in this document, you should adapt your service to receive the new types of each entity.

If you do run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact the integration team.

API V1 Deprecation

As a final note, we want to give an early heads-up that the API V1 will be deprecated from October 31st 2021.


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