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Assets Per Scanserver Chart

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Get an Overview of the Number of Assets of Your Scanservers

Managing the load on your Lansweeper scanning server can be very important if you’re scanning large amounts of assets. Before you can do so, you’ll need an overview of exactly what the current spread of your assets is per scanning server so you can identify if some scanning servers are scanning much more than others allowing you to potentially redistribute assets amongst your scanning servers. The chart below provides you with an overview of the number of assets each scanning server has scanned so you can make more informed decisions when it comes to load balancing. You can read more about using this data in the Pro Tips blog post.
To use this in a chart widget, prefix the report name with “Chart:” and select it in the chart report widget found on a dashboard.
assets per scanserver

Assets Per Scanserver Chart Query

Select Top 1000000 tblassets.Scanserver,
Count(tblassets.assetid) As Assets
From tblassets
Where tblassets.Scanserver Is Not Null
Group By tblassets.Scanserver




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