Lansweeper Announces Acquisition of Fing Device Recognition Technology

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By Nils Macharis

Acquisition of leader in device identification will enhance Lansweeper’s network scanning and discovery capabilities.

14 October 2020 – Lansweeper, the leading IT Asset Management platform, has today announced the acquisition of Fing, the network scanning and device recognition app, for an undisclosed amount. 

The acquisition extends and enhances Lansweeper’s own IT network discovery capabilities by adding Fing’s unique device identification capabilities to the company’s product portfolio. 

Fing proprietary technology turns network data, such as a MAC address, into a specific device providing accurate make, type, model and OS (Name and Version) with an unmatched level of precision. Fing brings one of the largest databases of over 600 million uniquely identified devices. 

IDC predicts there will be more than 41 billion connected/IoT devices by 2025, with demand rising for smart home applications and wearable devices. 

However, more than half of businesses have no idea how many devices are connected to their company network or accessing corporate resources from a home network; putting them at great risk of unauthorised access, data theft and potential malware and ransomware attacks. 

“Fing is leading the charge when it comes to the unique challenge of device identification. Combining that capability with our unmatched, agentless discovery capability is an important step in realizing our vision for ITAM 2.0: to enable every organization to manage and secure their IT infrastructure by understanding their IT estate.”

Dave Goossens, CEO at Lansweeper

“Every new device added to a network brings with it a responsibility to properly identify and manage new security vulnerabilities, and companies need to address these concerns as the number of connected devices rapidly increases. With this acquisition, we’re bringing the market leader in device discovery and identification into the fold to really make that vision of ITAM 2.0 come to life for businesses worldwide” 

Patrizia Cozzoli, CEO at Fing added: “We look forward to this next stage in our journey; by joining forces with Lansweeper we significantly expand both our market reach and our development capabilities, with the addition of the overall Enterprise IT and OT devices. This acquisition allows us to further our mission in device recognition. We’re delighted to partner with an organization that has a clear and aligned vision for the future of IT Asset Management and a team that understands the great value Fing brings to this challenge.”

This acquisition demonstrates the aggressive growth path Lansweeper remains on, despite the Covid-19 crisis. Anthony De Clerck, Managing Partner at Dovesco explains: “As Dovesco, we are pleased to support the management of Lansweeper with the acquisition of Fing. The integration of the technology of both companies will allow to further strengthen the worldwide leadership of Lansweeper in asset discovery and is a key step in the further strategic development of Lansweeper to which Dovesco is highly committed.”

About Lansweeper

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management software provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimise risks and optimise their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their IT infrastructure at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software. 

Since its launch in 2004, Lansweeper has been developing a software platform that scans and inventories all types of IT devices, installed software and active users on a network – allowing organisations to centrally manage their IT. 

The Lansweeper platform currently discovers and monitors over 80 million connected devices from 25,000+ customers, including Mercedes, FC Barcelona, Michelin, NASA, Carlsberg, Nestle, IBM, Nintendo and Samsung to governments, banks, NGOs, and universities, driven by its 120+ strong teams in Belgium, Spain, and the USA.

About Fing

Fing is the global leader in device recognition technology for the IoT. Founded in 2009, with 40 million consumer downloads of its network scanner app and 10 million new devices cataloged every month, Fing Device Recognition and Fingerprinting technologies give visibility over the entire digital environment, from Consumers and Industrial IoT to OT. 

The company’s proprietary technology is hardware agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated into hardware and software products through cloud APIs, multi-platform SDK and on-premises solutions.  

The company applies machine learning and artificial intelligence, exclusive MAC clustering technology and a crowdsourced database of 40 billion devices to enable asset inventory, network security, connectivity troubleshooting, enhancement of functionalities for the smart home devices and analytics for enterprise customers including Fortinet, Checkpoint, Clavister, Avira, Best Buy, Netgear, Commscope, Telefónica and many other players in the cyber, telecom and hardware manufacturers verticals.


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