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Implementing ITAM:
Deep-Dive with Benefis Health System

Why ITAM is Crucial for Healthcare Organizations: A Q&A with Information Security Lead, Tyler Webb from Benefis Health System.

In hospitals and other medical settings, healthcare professionals rely on networked medical devices to access and share patient information, deliver essential care and make life-saving decisions with speed and accuracy. But outdated software can leave those devices vulnerable to malware, ransomware, and other cybersecurity threats. One breach can cost a hospital millions and damage its reputation.

Lansweeper enables IT teams in healthcare settings to create a complete and always-accurate technology asset inventory. With a single source of truth, they can pinpoint and fix vulnerabilities, simplify compliance and reporting, and reduce risk while saving time and resources.

Join Lansweeper and Tyler Webb, Information Security Lead of the Benefis Health System for an in-depth discussion and live Q&A about:

  • Introduction to IT Asset Management (ITAM) & Lansweeper
  • How a complete and accurate IT asset inventory can reduce risk in healthcare environments
  • How Benefis’s uses Lansweeper in it’s environment to improve cybersecurity.

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