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Supercharge Cortex XSOAR with Lansweeper

Enrich incident alerts with accurate IT asset data for the rapid isolation and remediation of security events. Eliminate time wasted with inaccurate or missing data, and navigate with speed across your workloads and unstructured data, reducing the time it takes to investigate and respond to threats by combining Lansweeper and Cortex XSOAR.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • The benefits of combining Lansweeper & Cortex XSOAR
  • Integration Demo
  • Enriching a security incident with the IT Asset data from Lansweeper
  • Using Lansweeper commands in Cortex XSOAR
  • Setting up the integration in Lansweeper Cloud & Cortex XSOAR
  • Configuring a playbook inside Cortex XSOAR

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