Asset Uptime Calendar

What is Lansweeper's Asset Uptime Calendar?

Our Uptime Calendar is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to keep track of the overall activity of all devices connected to your network. Its biggest added value? Ensuring your assets keep operating optimally to prevent poor performance or unplanned downtime. Monitoring asset uptime is overall of great importance to IT professionals. It helps them to troubleshoot various computer issues, to keep track of mission-critical servers, and to identify machines that need to be rebooted to apply critical patches. Lansweeper is an all-in-one solution that provides many features aside from asset uptime to professionally manage IT estates.

  • Keep track of your assets’ performances & uptimes
  • Maintain excellent performance of every device
  • Perform automated uptime audits with uptime reports
  • Prevent cyber security loopholes with swift & remote custom actions

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How Does the Asset Uptime Calendar Work?

Lansweeper’s asset uptime calendar monitors which IT-equipment is turned on, in sleep mode or turned off. By scanning your entire network, even hard-to-reach devices, Lansweeper collects the necessary information and centralizes it in a secure database. Through a user-friendly interface, you get a bird’s-eye view of the daily performance of all your devices. Just click on a scanned device under the Assets tab in your web console and go to Uptime to consult the Uptime Calendar. You can choose between a week calendar or a month calendar to see exactly at what times the device was active.

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Perform Uptime Audits with Uptime Reports

Because when you manage thousands of devices, filtering for the data you need manually can be time consuming. Lansweeper provides built-in uptime reports specifically designed to automatically gather uptime information on all devices in your network. You can run an uptime report with the touch of a button and get a clear overview of every device and its uptime status in seconds. For example, you can run the Asset Uptime Since Last Reboot Report which provides you with an overview of all devices and their uptime since their last reboot. Devices with the highest uptime are automatically shown at the top. This enables you to identify which devices should be rebooted first to maintain smooth performance.

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Leverage the Asset Uptime Reports for a Better Cyber Security

Maintaining device performance is not the sole benefit of using the asset uptime reports. As you well know, users often put computers in sleep mode to get back to work faster. But many devices rely on reboots to apply critical patches that improve security. Not updating a workstation or server for a long period of time can result in serious loopholes for your cyber security. The uptime reports help you to find devices with long uptimes. Once identified, you can undertake Custom Actions to remotely perform reboot and shutdown tasks on specific devices. With Lansweeper’s asset uptime reports and its various customizable features you are in control of your network.


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