Exchange and Office 365 Scanning

Why you need Exchange and Office 365 Scanning

A lot of companies rely on the critical data coming from email servers, as both internal and external communication is now mostly done by email. But as infrastructure, software, and users are moving more and more to the cloud, keeping track of all your IT assets is getting harder and harder. With Lansweeper’s Exchange and Office 365 Scanning ability, you never lose sight of your email servers and cloud infrastructure. This keeps you firmly in control while these business developments proceed.

  • Scan Exchange servers & Office 365
  • Centralize & Unify User information
  • Analyze & Manage User information
  • Set automated email alerts
  • Keep track of all your data in one single inventory

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Scan Your Exchange Server of Office 365 Organization

Lansweeper’s email service scanner is an agentless, automated scanning method that gathers information from an Exchange Server or from Office 365 users and mailboxes. With the data retrieved through Exchange and Office 365 scanning, you can now retrieve data about users in your office or in offices all over the world thanks to the added information on mailboxes, mailing groups the user belongs to, license information, and more. With Lansweeper’s advanced scanning abilities, you have reliable and up-to-date data from your Exchange and Office 365 servers at your disposal, whenever you need it.


Centralize and Unify User Information

When you already have data from Lansweeper’s Active Directory scan, you can also use Lansweeper Exchange and Office 365 scanning to add more detailed information to the existing data. Information like email services such as groups, mailboxes, licenses, assigned plans or clients, and more. These data will all be centralized and unified, so that you will always have a complete data overview, on a dedicated tab “Office 365” on the user page in your Lansweeper web console. The office 365 Organization tab gives you a more global overview. Here you will find, besides some general information, the admins, users who use unsafe passwords, and existing domains in your organization. Lansweeper keeps you in control of your IT by retrieving and centralizing all this information from different platforms in one single record.

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Analyze and Manage User Information

Having all this data at your fingertips is great, but a good database also delivers reporting functionalities so that you can quickly consult, analyze and manage your data. Luckily, Lansweeper offers built-in reports, making it extremely easy for you to get an overview of specific data you require. With our built-in or custom reports, you get exactly the data you need, whether they come from Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, or a combination of these. Finding data has never been easier, simply click on a hyperlink and directly find all information about an employee, a subsidiary, or the entire organization.

Automate Email Alerts for Pro-Active IT Management

Create email alerts to be informed quickly of any issues, and resolve these even before complaints come in. With all the data in your hands you can easily find gaps, inconsistencies or possible issues like large mailboxes, groups missing users or users missing licenses and more. Automated reminders and alerts help IT professionals to proactively solve mailbox-related issues.


Go Beyond Exchange and Office 365 Scanning

For an exhaustive mailbox scan, you can use Exchange and Office 365 Scanning from Lansweeper. But Lansweeper is much more than an email service scanner. Our software provides valuable and usable insights into all your IT assets and centralizes it in one IT inventory from which you can inform many different IT and other business scenarios. From avoiding unused licenses and finding assets that work at half capacity or sit idle, to using your network data to quickly inform license or financial audits and help steer decision making for the entire company. With Lansweeper the possibilities are endless.


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