Network Reports

Why Network Reports Are Necessary

IT professionals who manage a company’s IT Estate want to save as much time and effort as possible so that they can focus on true value creation. The days that system administrators took more time to gather data than to analyze it are over – or so they should be. Having a scanning tool that can gather all the data you need is one thing, being able to organize it so that you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for is another. That is where network reports come in. With network reporting software, you can retrieve the data you need instantly, without having to manually look for it. Lansweeper does that, and more. Our software is an all-in-one solution that can accurately scan your entire network and provide you with a multipurpose network reporting feature.

  • Organize your Data with Built-In Network Reports
  • Customize your own Network Reports
  • Browse an Extensive Report Library
  • Leverage Reports for a Better Cyber Security
  • Use Reports to Inform other Business Processes

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Creating Network Reports to Organize Your Data

Lansweeper’s built-in reporting tool organizes your scanned data into useful and relevant categories. These reports gather specific information based on criteria in a convenient overview. Instead of going through your assets one by one, your report results show you a neat overview of, for example, all assets that are out of warranty, printers that are about to run out of toner, or unauthorized administrators on your computers. Lansweeper’s network reporting software offers many pre-designed reports that are also highly customizable.

Lansweeper Report Builder

Customize Network Reports

Although Lansweeper contains hundreds of ready-made reports, it may occur that you still need to customize them according to your own needs. That is where the report builder comes into play. All built-in reports can be modified to give an answer to the specific queries you may throw at your network. More importantly, you can build your own reports from scratch. The report builder is powered by Microsoft SQL and supported by extensive documentation on all available database items. You do not need great proficiency in SQL programming. The highly intuitive GUI guides you through the entire process of building your own personalized network report. It gives you all the tools you need to make the connections no one else thought of before.


Take Back Control Over the Network

These days, every user wants to add his personal devices to the network. This makes it hard for a sysadmin to keep a clear overview of what is going on the LAN. Most users have admin rights on their own devices and can form a security risk for the entire network. Using Lansweeper reports, you can take back control. Daily or weekly reports can offer you a comprehensive list of all the devices that are active on the LAN, containing the software and user rights on the specific devices. Using specific network reports, you can filter out vulnerabilities and heighten network security. Occasionally, the Lansweeper team publishes new reports as a quick response to new cybersecurity threats.

IT Asset Management for IT Leaders

Better Office Management by Lansweeper's Network Reporting

Lansweeper does not just support sysadmins, it also helps office managers. A simple network report can give a recurrent overview of needed office supplies. Printers that need a toner change can send a heads up to the office manager. No more help desk calls for trifles. Preemptive maintenance can be automated before the users become aware of a problem. The same goes for copiers and other peripherals. Automated recurrent reports will provide a clear and comprehensive overview of what is happening with assets connected to your LAN, warning you if intervention is needed. A flexible and uninterrupted workflow is guaranteed, thanks to Lansweeper’s highly customizable network reports.


The Lansweeper Report Library

To make standard & custom reports even more accessible, Our programmers at Lansweeper created a Report Library. Up to this day, we have selected just over 400 reports, hand-picked and added by our LAN builder community. Going forward we will continue to expand this to cover all of Lansweeper’s built-in reports and community-sourced reports.

Over 400 Built-in Network Reports Available


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