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In-App Notifications

Notifications Straight in Lansweeper

Getting crucial information quickly is more important than ever in IT. With new vulnerabilities, security issues and updates every day, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed and miss important news. Traditionally, these updates are sent via email to notify people, and while you can continue to subscribe to our newsletter, vulnerability updates and Patch Tuesday email updates, you will also be notified within Lansweeper.


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Customized and Personalized Notifications

With the addition of in-app notifications, you get to choose exactly the type of notifications you’re interested in. You can customize which notifications you would like to receive so you only get those that interest you and are useful to you.

Besides giving users a choice, notifications themselves also got an upgrade. By pushing notifications straight to Lanswepeer, they can be dynamically displayed, meaning that if a notification isn’t relevant for you, you won’t receive it. A new Adobe Photoshop vulnerability might be critical for a digital marketing agency or a video production company, but your steel processing plant won’t have a Photoshop installation and will therefore not need the notification.

Notification Options Configuration.png

Action with a Quick Reaction

With Lansweeper alerts, it is easier than ever to react quickly. Notifications link straight to resources, so you can get the information, audit or report quickly and add it to Lansweeper. By sending relevant, timely notifications linked to the corresponding resource, getting and using information regarding Lansweeper is easier and quicker than ever.


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