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Lansweeper Announces Partnership with Asist to Help Customers Know their IT

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By Nils Macharis

The Lansweeper Platform supports Asist to provide transparency in software consumption, move beyond license compliance, and increase customer value.

Dendermonde, Belgium – May 28, 2020 – Lansweeper, the market-leading provider of ITAM2.0 solutions, today announces it’s partnering with Asist to help customers move beyond their traditional Licensing and Compliance focused ITAM practices.

Lansweeper’s IT Discovery & Inventory Platform enables companies to build a complete and up-to-date overview of their entire IT estate. What sets Lansweeper apart is the focus on building a single, re-usable inventory that is not tied to a specific use case. Instead, Lansweeper supports a multitude of scenarios, ranging from Cybersecurity to Software Asset Management and Cloud Sizing.

Asist started as a specialized Application Development company in 1995. By proving their value consistently, they have become a trusted advisor to major organizations worldwide on a variety of technical challenges, including IT asset management, data discovery and cloud optimization.

Through this partnership, we will be able to offer the benefit of truly knowing your IT as the foundation for actively managing, securing, optimizing, and running an IT infrastructure to more companies, and crucially, help them make informed decisions faster.

“Lansweeper prides itself on being not only the most complete but also the most user-friendly IT inventory platform available. We acknowledge the proven expertise of the Asist team to engage senior leaders in major organizations and deliver unique, value-added insights and recommendations based on the data we provide. We are proud to add a company like Asist to our growing Partner Ecosystem. “

Roel Decneut, Chief Marketing Officer at Lansweeper

Marc Janssens, Channel Manager Europe at Lansweeper: “Over many years Asist has earned the reputation of best-in-class, independent, no-nonsense, qualitative and to-the-point SAM, ITAM and Licensing expert in the wide BeNeFraLux region. Ronny typically kicks-off meetings by stating ‘YES WE SCAN, BUT AGENTLESS’. And as such, they discover all assets, detect blind spots, identify unknown risks & vulnerabilities, non-compliance issues, and needless expenses quickly. The Asist workbench and licensing workshops are super well appreciated by many customers. With the use of Lansweeper, Asist can go beyond their SAM consultancy services and provide additional customer value in new use cases like security, cloud assessment, and cloud sizing. So proud of our partnership!”

“We are continuously looking for ways to bring more value to our customers, and moving beyond the traditional ITAM approach is a great way to accomplish that.”

Guido Verswijvel, CEO at Asist

Ronny Brumagne, Managing Partner Asist ITAM concludes: “I’m extremely proud on this new partnership and in particular because of Lansweeper’s ability to discover a full, complete, detailed and up-to-date view of a customer’s hybrid IT infrastructure in no time, additionally this will also provide our customers with extra insights on security, optimization and cloud readiness.”

About Lansweeper

We help our customers minimize risks and optimize their IT by providing actionable insight into their IT. Our IT Inventory platform enables over 25.000 organizations worldwide to know their IT at all times. We offer trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of all users, devices, and software in their IT environment.

About Asist

Asist is an IT innovation leader that is using technology in new ways, where the objective is a more efficient organization and an improved alignment between technology initiatives and business goals.

We integrate a unique blend of technical skills and expertise, organized in Competence Centers bringing highly proficient individuals together in their respective fields of expertise. Asist is regarded as an incubator of ITAM-related activities, thanks to the fact that our experts share their expertise in a side by side collaboration with our customers and partners to bring a unique blend of expertise in the market.

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Ronny Brumagne


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