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Lansweeper and Automox Provide All-in-One Solution for Discovering, Managing and Optimizing Endpoint Devices 

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By Clemence Segaud
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For IT teams, quality data and the ability to take action are crucial. However, it’s not always available. In fact, a GlobalData Research survey reported that more than 60% of IT leaders say inaccurate asset data is a major challenge.

Accurate and comprehensive information is critical for effective infrastructure management and trend analysis, and for pinpointing and resolving issues. It’s also essential for executing patches and updates to endpoint devices, to keep the infrastructure optimized and secure. 

Having complete and accurate data on-hand and the ability to execute updates and fixes when needed are often delivered through multiple solutions. When consolidated, organizations can significantly improve user productivity and security. That’s the conclusion Austin, TX based Automox came to, when they decided to establish a partnership with Lansweeper. 

“A Natural Fit”

Automox is a modern IT operations platform. Their platform is a SaaS-based endpoint management solution that helps businesses automate patching, configuration, and control of Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints Automox customers install a lightweight agent on endpoints, and manage configuration and patching across platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Additional features include policy-based endpoint automation and remote control capabilities.

“We recognized that many of our customers already use and love Lansweeper, so a partnership was a natural fit,” said Jason Kikta, Senior VP of Product at Automox. As a result, the two companies created a robust integration that benefits their mutual customers with a seamless solution for efficient network management.

“Rather than becoming a jack-of-all-trades like many unified endpoint management and MDM vendors, Automox focuses on delivering exceptional reliability in fixing IT issues,” Kikta said. “By teaming up with Lansweeper, we can leverage its market-leading discovery capabilities to complement our core competency in endpoint management. Customers can seamlessly integrate both tools to better understand and improve their network’s health.”

Lansweeper + Automox: Better Together

According to Kikta, it’s crucial for organizations to have accurate and comprehensive data to effectively manage their IT infrastructure, spot trends and quickly identify issues. With this data, that can take rapid action on endpoints that need attention or updates. 

Automating these actions through policy-based recurring updates ensures seamless management. This approach is the core of Automox and Lansweeper’s “Better Together” story, empowering IT teams to optimize their processes and focus on strategic tasks aligned with their business needs.

“What I appreciate most about Lansweeper is that it’s simple to operate yet comprehensive in its results, which aligns perfectly with our own philosophy,” Kikta said. “Lansweeper’s ability to discover, scan and centralize asset data provides a single source of truth for what’s on the network, and its status. This aligns seamlessly with our goals, making the collaboration truly beneficial.”

Kikta said that creating the integration with Lansweeper was surprisingly straightforward due to Lansweeper’s strong API and ease of use. “Lansweeper’s comprehensive platform and responsive partnership made it easy to address edge cases and bugs,” he said, adding that Lansweeper’s collaboration throughout the process, from answering questions to refining the scope, was invaluable. 

“Lansweeper truly stands out as a partner, working closely to ensure a robust integration and exemplifying a quality partnership in every step of the journey,” Kikta said.

Two Worklets for Putting Lansweeper Data into Action

Vulnerability detection and remediation can be complex and time-consuming – and, unfortunately, bad actors only need hours or days to exploit these vulnerabilities. With breaches increasing annually, IT teams face constant threats, making a new approach essential. 

Automox and Lansweeper automate and synchronize vulnerability detection and remediation by pulling Lansweeper’s vulnerability insights into the Automox console to organize, prioritize and present issues for quick remediation, reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR). The solution is made possible with two script-based units of work – or “Worklets” – that can be applied across Windows, Linux and MacOS devices, regardless of location or domain membership. 

The Worklets empower customers to put Lansweeper data into action for seamless management and remediation.

Tag Automox Devices with Lansweeper Data

The “Tag” Worklet, which targets and runs on a single Lansweeper host device, allows for the dynamic creation of Automox tags based on an endpoint’s details, captured within an existing Lansweeper Cloud instance. 

Once deployed, the Worklet queries the device to scan and capture key data and details from Lansweeper, including serial numbers and their related tags. The Automox API then automatically correlates serial numbers across both platforms. For devices with matching serial numbers, the Lansweeper-defined tags and parameters are automatically synchronized within Automox, creating parity across both platforms. 

The Worklet simplifies onboarding and endpoint device management, and allows IT teams to target devices with hyper-precision using comprehensive data to tailor-fit endpoint policies. In this way, teams can quickly adapt to changing operational needs and workflows.

Vulnerability Mitigation with Lansweeper

The “Vulnerability Mitigation with Lansweeper” Worklet automates the remediation of patchable vulnerabilities detected within a Lansweeper Cloud instance. It targets a single Automox “host” device to capture vulnerability data from Lansweeper via APIs. When Lansweeper identifies an endpoint with vulnerabilities that can be patched, the Automox Worklet pulls this data, allowing users to create a policy for automated remediation. The policy will then query the device, scan it and apply the appropriate patches, ensuring secure and up-to-date systems. 

By removing slow, manual processes, the solution reduces risk and enables IT teams to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. With Lansweeper vulnerability data actionable within Automox, IT teams enjoy greater agility and a shorter MTTR. 

“The power of our integration with Lansweeper is being able to mesh Lansweeper’s highly granular data with what Automox detects, which enables us to get a comprehensive fix in place,” Kikta said.

Partners for the Long-haul

Automox and Lansweeper are currently focused on launching their integration and building it out based on customer needs. Their commitment is to remain customer-focused, evolving their partnership in response to user insights and ensuring they deliver solutions that directly address customer challenges.

Lansweeper’s integration with Automox is just one of the many ways the Lansweeper platform fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. Learn more about our available integrations here.


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