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Lansweeper Data within Splunk? There’s an App for That!

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By Nils Macharis
Lansweeper Splunk Integration

Leading-edge data innovators use data to bolster cybersecurity, increase profits, improve customer experience and optimize operations. Data’s impact is so profound that, according to recent ESG research, you can assign a dollar amount on moving up the data utilization maturity scale.

The report, which analyzed 1350 organizations worldwide, found that leading-edge data innovators use data to raise profits by 12.5%, and organizations who are high on the data utilization maturity scale are almost 10X more likely to generate 20% of their revenue from innovative products and services. Data is an essential factor in protecting and optimizing IT infrastructure, as well, underpinning an organization’s ability to operate efficiently.

It’s no wonder, then, that organizations want the best tools and technology for collecting, storing, analyzing, and acting on data. Security information and event management (SIEM) tools are at the top of that list, enabling IT teams to manage and protect their IT infrastructure. Splunk’s “data-to-everything” platform, for example, is used by thousands of organizations for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data in real-time. 

Splunk enables IT teams to capture, index, and correlate data, and visualize it in graphs and dashboards. All of this data can be used for security monitoring, threat detection, incident investigation and response, forensics, and improving operations. And the results are significant: 82% of Splunk customers have reduced downtime; 80% have lowered their risk of data breaches, IP theft, and fraud; and 50% have achieved faster time to market with new apps. By making machine-generated real-time data accessible and readily digestible, Splunk serves as the engine for driving data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

For a Secure, Healthy IT Infrastructure, Know Your IT

An essential first step to keeping your IT infrastructure secure and healthy is creating a complete and accurate inventory of all of the devices connected to the network. Regardless of the machine-generated data collected and visualized in your SIEM tool, if you don’t know what devices you have, where they are, and who’s using them, it’s impossible to protect and manage them.

Typically, creating an IT asset inventory requires a lot of manual labor — teams must manually update spreadsheets of connected devices across the IT estate — servers, routers, endpoint devices, operational technology, and IoT devices — alongside location and user information, software versions, and other important data. But spreadsheets become outdated almost as soon as they’re completed, making the task of maintaining an up-to-date, complete asset inventory impossible. Organizations need an automated way of ensuring their IT asset inventory is up to date — and the ability to leverage all of that data alongside all the other data in SIEM tools like Splunk, for a 360-degree view of the IT infrastructure.

Visualize Your IT Asset Inventory with the Splunk App for Lansweeper

Lansweeper leads the market in IT asset discovery, combining agent-based and agentless scanning to discover connected assets across networks of all sizes. Using a wide range of network protocols, the tool automatically explores the IT environment and retrieves granular data about every device — including device type, location, users, installed software, logon information, and more.

Lansweeper’s Asset Radar and Credential-free Device Recognition technologies discover any device, without the need for installing agents or entering credentials. The platform even recognizes devices that connect for just a few minutes, then drop off. Lansweeper locates forgotten or idle devices that would likely be missed by manual inventory processes, reducing the risk of outdated software leaving a door open for cybercriminals.

So, how do IT departments that use Splunk access all that IT asset data, to ensure the health of the IT infrastructure — without spending hours upon hours updating spreadsheets? As it turns out, there’s an app for that! 

The Splunk App for Lansweeper by CrossRealms provides an automated, reliable solution for accessing a complete, accurate, and up-to-date IT asset inventory, right within Splunk. The app connects to Lansweeper’s database, retrieving and visualizing all of the data into useful, intuitive dashboards. This enables Splunk users to more easily identify potential vulnerabilities in connected devices and take action to remediate them.

With the Splunk App for Lansweeper, organizations have a complete and accurate IT asset inventory at their fingertips, enabling them to:

  • Identify and fix blind spots and potential vulnerabilities
  • Spot and remediate non-compliance issues
  • Eliminate paper-based, manual inventories

All of this critical data is accessible right within Splunk, making the platform even more useful, and ensuring IT teams are better equipped to rapidly spot and fix any potential issues that could impact the health and security of the IT infrastructure.

More Data = Better Decisions

ESG’s survey revealed that 91% of organizations believe data provides a competitive advantage. But that data must be up-to-date, accurate, and complete to enable data-driven business decisions that help organizations optimize costs, generate revenue, and operate more efficiently. With access to Lansweeper IT asset data inside Splunk, it’s easier than ever to achieve those goals.

Download the Splunk app for Lansweeper today!


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