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Grow Your IT Service Business with Lansweeper

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By Lucia Dochita

In the competitive IT service industry, success comes from using the right tools and partnerships. These are essential to overcoming challenges such as keeping pace with rapid technological advancements, ensuring cybersecurity amidst increasing threats, and managing complex client requirements. Managed service providers (MSPs) must also navigate regulatory compliance across different regions, and maintain service quality while adapting to changing market demands and customer expectations.

Lansweeper is committed to helping IT service providers grow their business and generate more revenue, while mitigating these challenges. We have a long, proven track record of helping  MSPs build their businesses by integrating our market-leading technology asset discovery and inventory capabilities – the foundation for numerous IT service use cases. 

With Lansweeper data on-hand, MSPs gain in-depth knowledge of their customers’ environments to build trust and credibility. Our solutions help partners access asset information to upsell or cross-sell new revenue-generating services, such as hardware or software asset management, CMDB data quality and cybersecurity. And, because Lansweeper is easy to deploy and use, MSPs benefit from smooth Proof of Concept engagements and accurate quotes, to accelerate the sales cycle.

Let’s take a closer look at why more MSPs are turning to Lansweeper to help grow their business.

Quick and Accurate Quotes with Lansweeper

Creating quotes for IT services often takes time, as you wait for customers to give you information about their IT setup. Lansweeper makes this process faster and more accurate. With our easy-to-deploy solution, you get a deep insight into your customer’s technology estate quickly, which enables you to provide precise quotes in less time. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of mistakes in your operations.

Build Trust and Credibility, Fast

First impressions matter. With a detailed overview of your customers’ technology assets, you build trust and credibility right  from the start, and can demonstrate to your clients that you are skilled and serious about providing high-quality services from the beginning of the engagement.

Reliable Data for Top-notch IT Services

Good data is the foundation of excellent IT services. Lansweeper offers reliable and complete information about your clients’ IT assets. This means you can provide services that are not just efficient but also dependable.

Benefits for Every Role in Your IT Service Business

  • Business Developers & Sales: With fast and effective asset management and network scanning, Lansweeper helps MSPs identify sales opportunities through detailed asset inventories and enhances service offerings with comprehensive IT asset insights, potentially leading to increased sales and better customer retention. Lansweeper also helps to manage risk by highlighting any found security vulnerabilities.
  • Service Delivery Managers: Lansweeper provides comprehensive visibility into client IT environments, improving asset management and facilitating proactive maintenance. This enables more efficient service delivery while helping MSPs meet their SLAs. Lansweeper data informs decision-making, as well, for optimized resource allocation and minimized downtime, directly impacting client satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CROs: Lansweeper offers strategic advantages that upper management will appreciate, thanks to the comprehensive oversight of IT assets across client networks. Having this data on-hand enables strategic planning, while minimizing security and compliance risk. This level of visibility and control helps to optimize IT operations and spend while reducing costs and ensuring IT services align with the goals of the business as well as client needs.

Alxtel Enhances Cybersecurity for Enterprise Customers with Lansweeper

Headquartered in Silver Springs, Maryland, AlxTel, Inc. provides IT solutions to public and private sector customers. The company was looking for an IT discovery and inventory solution to replace manual methods like spreadsheets and logs, and a mix of f in-house software and off-the-shelf solutions to automate asset management. Key requirements included flexible deployment options and the ability to help customers strengthen their cybersecurity strategies.

Partnering with Lansweeper, AlxTel can make complete and accurate IT asset data instantly available within ServiceNow, providing customers with detailed IT asset data alongside CI data in the CMDB. Not only does the data support numerous IT scenarios, it simplifies and accelerates issue resolution, saving customers time and money. Read the full story.


“Lansweeper changes the game by making complete and accurate IT asset data available within ServiceNow through a seamless integration, and we are eager to present the integration option to our customers.”

Alaa Negeda
CTO, AlxTel

We’re Committed to Your Success

Lansweeper is more than just another software vendor; it’s a partner in your business growth. We support our MSP partners with a strong channel program that includes training, support, and flexible plans such as Pay as You Go license. We’re committed to growing with you and providing the support you need at every stage. By giving you fast, accurate, and reliable data management, we help you meet and exceed customer expectations. 

Take your IT service business to the next level. Check out our Multi-site Management Portal, newly launched, which enables MSPs to effortlessly manage critical data for all of their customers in one place. 


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