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3 Ways Lansweeper Helps MSPs Grow Their Business and Revenue

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By Lucia Dochita

In today’s IT service industry, staying ahead means leveraging the right tools to foster growth and enhance efficiency. Lansweeper is here to empower IT service providers like you to expand your business and increase revenue.

Here are three important ways managed service providers (MSPs) are leveraging Lansweeper to grow their business:

  1. Take back control of the sales cycle: If you’re leading sales efforts, Lansweeper changes the way you generate your quotes. Fast and easy implementation within a trial can help you get deep insight into your customers’ environment, and you’ll no longer need to rely on a back-and-forth between yourself and a customer to get an overview. The bottom line? You’ll experience a significant reduction in the time it takes to create quotes and, boost their accuracy. What’s more, Lansweeper’s detailed data can help you expand your footprint within the account – insights can be used to build trust leading to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  1. Implement quickly and make a lasting impact: Service Delivery Managers will find Lansweeper’s quick implementation a key advantage. This “incredible time to value” means you get accurate IT asset data fast, so you can plan and scope your work more effectively. With reliable and consistent IT asset data at your fingertips, you can readily identify opportunities for account expansion and collaborate with the sales team to upsell or cross-sell. Lansweeper ensures that the data you need for any use case – from IT service management to cyber asset management – is always available and dependable.
  1. Expand with new service offerings: For CEOs and owners, Lansweeper can be your single source of truth to venture into new service lines for your customers. You’ll improve operational efficiency by starting every project with the same accurate and reliable IT asset dataset. Not only that, the fast and straightforward deployment of Lansweeper not only gives a deep and precise overview of the customer’s IT estate right away, but also builds trust and credibility with your clients.

MSP Acora Uses Lansweeper to Supercharge its Growth

UK-based MSP Acora provides IT and cybersecurity managed services, Microsoft-centric business software, and cloud solutions to more than 300 ambitious organizations. The first step in any engagement is to create a comprehensive technology asset inventory with Lansweeper.

Lansweeper’s agentless scanning and discovery capabilities enable Acora to manage everything from assets to devices, warranty information, certificates, and more. Acora leverages this data-rich inventory data as a single source of truth for various IT scenarios, including populating a CMDB or BI tool. As a Lansweeper MSP partner, Acora benefits from a unique pricing model that meets customers’ needs and helps to ensure accurate monthly billing. Read the full story.

Thomas Walker

“The breadth and depth of the data Lansweeper provides will open up new capabilities and service revenue opportunities for ACORA moving forward.”

Thomas Walker
Head of Technical Operations

Our Commitment to Partners

Lansweeper supports its partners with a strong channel program. We offer training, support, and flexible pricing plans like a “pay as you go” model for IT service providers. Next to that, we’ve developed a dedicated set of tools for partners to manage their customers at scale. For example, a multi-site management portal allows you to group customers in consolidated “tenants,” providing a unified view of critical asset data across all sites. This feature enables you to access, filter, and export data, and take swift action to pinpoint and remediate issues. 

We’re committed to growing with you and providing the support you need at every stage. Our newly-launched Multi-site Management Portal enables MSPs to effortlessly manage critical data for all of their customers in one place. Check it out!


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