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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Audit – April 2020

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By Nils Macharis

⚡ TL;DR | Go Straight to the April 2020 Patch Tuesday Audit Report.

Microsoft’s April 2020 Patch Tuesday is here with important fixes.

The April 2020 Patch Tuesday updates from Microsoft have arrived. The update contains 113 vulnerabilities in certain Microsoft products, with 19 that are rated critical. There are also 3 Zero-Day vulnerabilities reported.

With most of the workforce working from home, IT professionals are facing challenging times installing the updates released in the Patch Tuesday of April 2020.

The biggest challenge is to secure your IT environment during remote work. In a previous blog post, we published some tips for Remote IT Asset Management with Lansweeper to help you secure your remote workforce. Because of the expanding demand for VPNs and tools that allow communication and collaboration, a lot of vulnerabilities have surfaced.

3 Critical Zero-day Vulnerabilities

The Patch Tuesday, April 2020 update includes three critical zero-day vulnerabilities. There are two that are currently exploited: CVE-2020-0935 which is an Elevation of Privilege within Windows OneDrive and CVE-2020-1020 because the Adobe Font Manager Library has a vulnerability that can allow remote code execution.

Although the attacks specifically have targeted Windows 7 systems, not all Win7 systems will receive a patch since the Windows 7 End of Support in January of this year. Only those who purchased Extended Security Updates (ESUs) will receive the patch.

There is one more zero-day vulnerability covered in this month’s Patch Tuesday. CVE-2020-0938 is an exploited issue that allows Remote Code Execution within Adobe Font Manager Library so an attacker then has the ability to install programs, change data, add new accounts and much more. This can be obtained in a few ways such as letting the user open a specially made document.

Run the April 2020 Patch Tuesday Audit Report

Similar to previous months, we’ve created an Audit Report that checks if the assets in your network are on the latest Microsoft patch update. It’s color-coded to give you an easy and quick overview of which assets are already on the latest Windows update, and which ones still need to be patched. All admins are advised to install these security updates as soon as possible to protect Windows from security risks.

If you haven’t already, start your free trial of Lansweeper to run the Microsoft Patch Tuesday, April 2020 Report. Make sure to subscribe via the form below if you want to receive the latest Microsoft Patch reports and bonus network reports.

Overview: April 2020 Security Updates

We have compiled a list of all the security updates in the Patch Tuesday, April 2020 update.

Android AppCVE-2020-0943
Microsoft DynamicsCVE-2020-1050
Microsoft DynamicsCVE-2020-1018
Microsoft DynamicsCVE-2020-1049
Microsoft DynamicsCVE-2020-1022
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0952
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0938
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0687
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0987
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-1004
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-1005
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0958
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0907
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0982
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0964
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-1020
Microsoft Graphics ComponentCVE-2020-0784
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0995
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0999
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0988
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0992
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0994
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0953
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0889
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0959
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-0960
Microsoft JET Database EngineCVE-2020-1008
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0979
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0980
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0984
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0760
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0991
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0961
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0931
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0906
Microsoft OfficeCVE-2020-0935
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0927
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0923
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0925
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0924
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0932
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0930
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0933
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0920
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0929
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0971
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0975
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0978
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0977
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0976
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0974
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0973
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0972
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0954
Microsoft Office SharePointCVE-2020-0926
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0968
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0966
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0895
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0969
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0970
Microsoft Scripting EngineCVE-2020-0967
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0942
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0965
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0940
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0934
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1029
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1011
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1094
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1016
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0794
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1017
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0944
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1006
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1009
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-0981
Microsoft WindowsCVE-2020-1001
Microsoft Windows DNSCVE-2020-0993
Open Source SoftwareCVE-2020-1026
Remote Desktop ClientCVE-2020-0919
Visual StudioCVE-2020-0899
Visual StudioCVE-2020-0900
Windows DefenderCVE-2020-1002
Windows DefenderCVE-2020-0835
Windows Hyper-VCVE-2020-0918
Windows Hyper-VCVE-2020-0910
Windows Hyper-VCVE-2020-0917
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0699
Windows KernelCVE-2020-1027
Windows KernelCVE-2020-1003
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0955
Windows KernelCVE-2020-1015
Windows KernelCVE-2020-1000
Windows KernelCVE-2020-1007
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0957
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0936
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0956
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0962
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0821
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0913
Windows KernelCVE-2020-0888
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0948
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0937
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0949
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0939
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0950
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0946
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0947
Windows MediaCVE-2020-0945
Windows Update StackCVE-2020-0996
Windows Update StackCVE-2020-1014
Windows Update StackCVE-2020-0983
Windows Update StackCVE-2020-0985

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