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Lansweeper 6.0 released, the Help Desk arrives!

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By Lansweeper


The new Lansweeper 6.0 is available for download. It’s no secret anymore that Lansweeper 6.0 comes with a functional Help Desk fully integrated with our mature IT asset management solution. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with the reorganized 6.0 menu and the various new functionalities this brand new version includes. Aside from the Help Desk feature, the new release includes a knowledge base as well as a calendar. You can now update to version 6.0 by using the installer available on the download page of our website. Lansweeper 6.0 is available to all customers, just like any other update we release. The help desk section is licensed on a per agent basis, including one free agent license in all existing and newly purchased Lansweeper licenses. An unlimited number of users can open tickets, but you pay a fee per agent that responds to those tickets. Additional agent licenses can be purchased through our online store at $ 10 per agent per month. For additional information, please contact our Sales team. A selection of included functionalities is listed below.
  • A fully functional help desk that integrates with Lansweeper.
  • A feature-rich ticketing system that allows people inside and outside of your company to send questions and request support. The ticketing part of the help desk includes, among others, the following features:
    • Tickets can be created through the web console, via email, API and the import feature.
    • Organization of tickets into ticket types.
    • Prioritization of tickets through ticket priorities and follow-ups.
    • Custom fields, optionally nested, to add extra information to tickets in an organized way.
    • Ticket filters, tabs and notifications to easily organize tickets into various overviews.
    • Ticket templates and outgoing email templates (auto reply).
    • Ticket dispatching, automatic assignment and closing of tickets.
    • SLAs to set company standards for the handling and resolution of tickets.
    • Customization options like signatures, different ticket sorting methods, email alerts and more.
  • A knowledge base to share articles with your employees on a variety of topics.
  • A calendar to keep track of meetings, vacation days and more. Calendar events can be linked to tickets.
  • Optional customization of the look and feel of the help desk.
  • Flexible security settings that restrict web console access through a system of roles and permissions.

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