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Introducing Lansweeper 7

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By Nils Macharis
The Lansweeper 7 release focuses on what we do best: discovering your IT. Our priority is to scan more assets and provide more information than ever about them. Watch the video below to discover what’s new in Lansweeper 7, code name ‘Aurora’.


LsAgent-Scanning-Agent Multi-Platform Scanning Agent: LsAgent

Stay in control of all your hard-to-reach devices. LsAgent is the solution for laptops out on the road, devices at remote locations with limited network connectivity or certain mission-critical systems that operate behind strict firewalls. LsAgent is a small, lightweight application available for Windows, Mac & Linux devices, that automatically and securely sends asset updates to your Lansweeper installation. Either via direct push or through Lansweeper’s cloud-hosted relay server.

Custom-OID-Scanning Custom OID Scanning

Off the shelf, Lansweeper already scans a lot of information, but some device types have very specific information that you’ll want to pull in. That is exactly what custom OID scanning will enable you to do. Specify which data you wish to retrieve for which asset and we’ll go get it on every SNMP-enabled device. This increased flexibility allows you to adapt Lansweeper to your specific network environment, scanning the exact data that you need.

Scanning-deepscan-engine Improved Lansweeper DeepScan Technology

We improved the core of Lansweeper’s agentless network discovery in Lansweeper 7:  The Lansweeper DeepScan Technology now scans assets faster than ever while using fewer CPU resources.

vCenter scanning Virtual Environments

Both VMware and Citrix scanning methods received updates to scan additional information faster while raising our security standards. Easily navigate between host and guest devices as they’re automatically linked by Lansweeper, ensuring a complete overview of your virtual environments.

Exchange-Server-Scanning Exchange Server Scanning

In Lansweeper 7 and future releases, we’ll build out our discovery capabilities for application-specific information. To kick things off we now scan Exchange Server information like hostname, mailbox names, aliases and more, adding that much-needed visibility. Download-7

The Road Ahead

Discovering your IT. That has been Lansweeper’s strong suit for the past 15 years and we’ve become best at it. It’s our goal to find every single IT asset in your enterprise, retrieve every bit of information available and help you polish it into answers. From now on, you can expect a release in the first half of the year (Spring Release) and another one in the second half (Fall Release). Our backlog is filled to the brim with exciting new features and upgrades of old-reliables. Release_Schedule

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