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Google Chrome 78 is Out With 37 Security Updates

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By Nils Macharis
chrome vulnaberility

Chrome 78 is now available for download for users of Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS. Version 78 of the Google Chrome web browser fixes 37 security vulnerabilities.

Included in this Chrome 78 release is the DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH) trial for all users on supported DNS providers, a basic Tab Hover Cards, and trial access to the new Native File System API for web developers.

A nice addition in Chrome 78 is a feature called Forced Dark Mode that enables a dark mode setting on every website, even if the website supports a dark theme or not.

Chrome 78 – Forced Dark Mode on

More importantly, Google Chrome 78 implements 37 security fixes. That’s one fix fewer than the previous Chrome 77 release in September. Below, we highlight high-severity fixes that were contributed by external researchers.

  • High – CVE-2019-13699: Use-after-free in media
  • High – CVE-2019-13700: Buffer overrun in Blink
  • High – CVE-2019-13701: URL spoof in navigation

A full list of all changes in this release is available in the Google Chrome 78 changelog.

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If you currently have Google Chrome deployed on your workstations, it’s pretty critical that you update them at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you don’t fall prey to these vulnerabilities.

Our Google Chrome 78 Vulnerability Audit Report can tell you in no time which devices have a vulnerable Chrome version in place and need to be patched.

Chrome 78 Audit
Chrome 78 Audit Report – Click to Enlarge

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