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Generate Business Value by Optimizing your IT Landscape

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

IT leaders are no longer ‘nerds in chief’, nor are IT teams relegated to the corner of a basement surrounded by cables and humming machinery. Countless analyses and thought leaders agree that the more closely IT strategy and overall business strategy are intertwined, the more successful the company is. Read more about the benefits of centralized IT Asset Management data in our free whitepaper.

Easier Scaling, More Agility

A comprehensive overview and inventory of your IT resources help to ensure that as you grow and globalize, your systems stay balanced, safe and ready to tackle the next challenge – no matter the distance between locations or departments.

An IT Asset Management platform also brings greater agility to your IT talent (and your company as a whole), enabling the IT department not just to ensure that assets are used optimally, but to explore new applications that will be more and more essential to the greater customer-centric strategy of the business.

Be Better, Faster, Stronger

In addition to helping your business make better spending decisions when it comes to hardware and software, centralized IT Asset Management instills the company-wide discipline and automation needed to design optimal processes. This makes it even easier to embed best practices and standards into every business activity – for measurable gains in efficiency, quality, and reliability.

Harness the Digital Transformation

Moving forward, companies will be increasingly reliant on cloud platforms and the economies of scale that drive machine-learning and other emerging innovations. To reap the full benefits of these innovations, it’s important to ensure that your IT estate is as orderly, well-managed and secure as possible.

IT Asset Management, and more specifically a centralized IT inventory, is an essential enabler of your digital transformation journey. Before you can move to the cloud, implement AI-driven solutions or effectively digitalize, it’s absolutely necessary to be familiar with the resources available, the data you gather and keep, and the topology of your unique IT landscape.

Toward a Long-term Shift in Thinking

While an IT Asset Management system is a core element of effective IT governance, it’s not just a tool to be used on an ad hoc basis. A carefully considered roadmap is needed to guide the business toward the growth mindset necessary for long-term change – including measurable metrics.

Change control will also be crucial in ensuring that IT Asset Management is a continuous process. Engage people across functions and departments to emphasize the importance of ITAM, and ensure that they have the tools and skills needed to support you in your role as an IT leader of the future.

Accurate ITAM data has massive potential across the whole IT department and beyond, as it can also be harnessed to support strategic IT projects across your organization.

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