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Chrome 76 Released With 43 Security Fixes

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By Nils Macharis
chrome vulnaberility

Google has released Chrome 76 to the Stable desktop channel, with new features and 43 security fixes, with five of them being marked as High severity. Chrome latest version number is now 76.0.3809.87.

The latest Chrome release brings some serious changes. Flash is now disabled by default, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are easier to install, and websites won’t be able to detect whether you’re using incognito mode. Aside from a bunch of new features and improvements, the 76 release also mitigates multiple security vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities classified as high are listed below:

  • High CVE-2019-5850: Use-after-free in offline page fetcher. 
  • High – CVE-2019-5860: Use-after-free in PDFium.
  • High – CVE-2019-5853: Memory corruption in regexp length check.
  • High – CVE-2019-5851: Use-after-poison in an offline audio context.
  • High – CVE-2019-5859: URIs can load alternative browsers.

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Chrome 76 audit
Sample Report – Chrome 76 Audit


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