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General Information

Updated Terms of Use

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By Nils Macharis

In support of previous and upcoming releases as well as product updates, we are making changes to our Terms of Use. Also, we have clarified and specified some general provisions of the Terms of Use. We trust that these changes result in more balanced legal terms.


For your convenience, we have listed the most meaningful changes to the Terms of Use:

  • We have optimized the definitions, notably by bringing them in line with the existing Lansweeper product nomenclature.
  • We have made a distinction between Legacy Licenses and Legacy Subscription Plans.
  • We have amended section 1 (Subscription Plans) as follows:
    • We have set out the various available Subscription Plans with their corresponding terms.
    • We have introduced the concept of “Scope of Use” which clarifies the scope of your license rights under your subscription plan as formalized in the specific terms provided to you upon order placement.
  • We have updated the wording of the license rights that are granted to you, notably to provide more clarity on your installation rights.
  • We have removed section 3 on Cloud Services as well as all other cloud-related provisions throughout the terms. These provisions are now consolidated in an addendum to the Terms of Use which will apply to you if you are a cloud entitled customer.   
  • We have made the following changes to section 3 (Support):
    • We have clarified our support lines (1 through 3) and requirements.
    • We have updated our support availability hours.
    • To further improve your customer experience, we have introduced response time levels depending on the severity level of your support request.
  • We have clarified the term and termination modalities per type of Subscription Plan and made the grounds for termination for cause more balanced to your benefit.
  • We have increased the cancellation notice period for terminating your paid subscription from 14 to 30 calendar days.
  • We have detailed the available payment methods and amended the default currency schedule applied by us.
  • We have added section 5.7 (Sales through Reseller) which sets out the relevant provisions for purchases made through a Lansweeper Reseller.
  • We have further optimized our usage and acceptable use requirements.
  • We have made compliance with laws obligation reciprocal to your benefit.
  • We have added section 7.6 (Responsible Disclosure) which introduces the concept of responsible disclosure.
  • We have added section 8.2 (Third-party software and hardware) which imposes certain requirements about your use of third-party software and hardware which is embedded in or used in combination with our product.  
  • We have updated the warranty wording for our beta releases to better conform with applicable laws.
  • We have introduced an antivirus warranty.
  • We have clarified and balanced our audit and verification right.  
  • We have consolidated all boilerplate provisions under section 16 (miscellaneous) and made the following changes.
  • We have foreseen the possibility to transfer your rights and obligations under the Terms of Use to a successor resulting from a merger, acquisition, or asset deal, subject to certain conditions.

We have foreseen the possibility to transfer your rights and obligations under the Terms of Use to a successor resulting from a merger, acquisition, or asset deal, subject to certain conditions.

For a complete overview of all changes, please refer to the updated Terms of Use.

Effective date

The updated Terms of Use will become effective on November 27th, 2020, and will apply to your continued use of the Lansweeper products and services as of that date.


As per Article 21 (Amendments) of the previous version of the Terms of Use (version 1.1), there is no action needed by you to accept the updated Terms of Use. We wish however to inform you that, if you believe that a revision meaningfully reduces your rights, you may notify us within fifteen (15) days following our email notification of the modifications that you do not agree with. This means that you have until 27 November 2020 (i.e. the effective date) to provide us with such notification. In such case, we may permit you to continue your use of our products and services under the prior version of the Terms of Use until your next subscription expiration or renewal date. After such date, if you want to continue to use the Lansweeper products and services, you will have to accede to the then-current Terms of Use.

In case you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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