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End Of Life

The Complete End-of-Support Software Report for 2019-2020

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By Nils Macharis

Track Upcoming End-of-Support Software | 2019-2020

Companies often continue to use their software even after certain versions have been branded obsolete or unsupported by the vendor. This can lead to disasters resulting from vulnerabilities or hardware failure to compliance issues, which is why keeping track of the End-of-Support info of the software assets in your network is extremely important.

When your network consists of numerous devices, maintaining EOS records each device can be difficult. Let’s take a closer look at the risks of running unsupported software and how they can disrupt your network’s security and performance.

The Risks of Running Unsupported Software

1. Security Vulnerabilities

The biggest risk of running End-of-Support software is flawed security. When using software that’s no longer supported, your computer literally becomes a gateway for malware. Since the manufacturer no longer provides security updates, any vulnerabilities found by hackers will never be patched, so they can be exploited over and over again.

2. Compliance Issues

Running End-of-Support software not only represents a significant risk to your network security but it also likely constitutes a compliance violation under various regulatory and compliance standards, which could result in big audit fines.

3. Poor Reliability & Performance

Older software is less efficient. You’ll almost certainly be able to save time with a software upgrade.

4. Higher Operating Costs

You can sometimes choose to purchase extended support, but this is expensive in most cases. Not buying the latest software might initially look like a cost saving but the cost of one system failure will massively outweigh any savings made.

5. Software Incompatibility

New applications are optimized for the most recent OSes. That means when using EOS software systems, you can’t upgrade to the latest and greatest, so you’ll have to hold onto legacy applications.

Discover End-of-Support Software in your Network

It can be a challenge to discover these at-risk systems, especially if you have hundreds of devices on your network. An agentless network discovery solution like Lansweeper can pull an automated hardware and software inventory in no time. After scanning your entire IT estate, our advanced reporting does all the rest.

The Center for Internet Security provided a list of End-of-Support software with EOS dates ranging from January 2019 to April 2020. The list includes software from major vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, Atlassian, Cisco, VMWare, Ubuntu, and many more. Microsoft also provides an overview of its products reaching end of support in 2020.

Based on the CIS list and the Microsoft overview, we’ve created a major End-of-Support report which checks if the assets in your network are currently running software that’s closing in on their End-of-Support date.

Sample End-of-Support Software Report – Click to Enlarge

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