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Lansweeper Integrates with FortifyData to Enable Holistic Cyber Risk Assessments

4 min. read
By Thi Tran
Lansweeper enables holistic threat intelligence with FortifyData integration.

‘Threat Intelligence’ is its own category of services that can portray is in the wrong way. Cyber Risk Assessments – which we conduct, and which contains enrichment from cyber threat intelligence- is what we are offering.

As businesses embrace the advantages of digital transformation, they also expose themselves to an evolving array of cyber threats that can compromise sensitive data, disrupt operations and inflict lasting damage. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is expected to cost the world $8 trillion USD in 2023 alone. That breaks down to about $21.9 billion per day – and the threat of an attack continues to grow at about 15% per year.

To protect against these mounting threats, organizations must take a holistic approach to cyber risk management, taking into account the growing attack surface. This is the mission behind the FortifyData platform, which aims to identify and manage threat exposures and associated risks across the entire attack surface.

The need to automate IT Asset Discovery

FortifyData’s solution provides an integrated view of cybersecurity risks and threat exposures across external and internal networks, cloud environments and third-party infrastructures. It conducts assessments and uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze live data against thousands of unique data points, using qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methodologies. As a result, organizations get an integrated view of all risk factors across the attack surface, along with security rating risk scores and actionable recommendations to improve their cybersecurity posture.

However, for internal assets to be included in the assessments, manual data entry was required. To provide a more streamlined workflow and effectively protect against threats, FortifyData knew it needed to automate this tedious, error-prone process with a robust IT asset discovery solution. 

“Lansweeper has been around for a number of years, and we are former users of the platform,” said FortifyData’s CEO Victor Gamra.  “We’ve been impressed with the progress and development efforts Lansweeper’s product team has made over the years, and with that in mind, Lansweeper was the obvious choice.”

Contextualized and Prioritized Cyber Risk Visibility

Gamra recognized the potential impact of an integration with the Lansweeper platform immediately.  “Lansweeper does a tremendous job identifying assets within an organization and providing all of the data needed to assess internal assets accurately,” he said.  “Integrating with Lansweeper enables our solution to access data for all the subnets and IT resources behind the firewall, automatically, enabling a more holistic analysis.”

The combination of Lansweeper and FortifyData enables Lansweeper customers to auto-detect and auto-assess their systems for cybersecurity issues, vulnerabilities and risks. Lansweeper eliminates the time-consuming task of manually keying in IT asset data into the ForitifyData platform. What’s more, Lansweeper users can leverage FortifyData’s assessment capabilities to generate and access risk intelligence right within the Lansweeper interface, providing a single view into holistic threat intelligence.

Importantly, access to contextual data from Lansweeper in a single view enables teams to prioritize remediation and response efforts. “Some organizations may be able to identify all risks, but they may not be able to easily understand which risks are more potentially dangerous to business operations,” Gamra said. “With this integration, we can help users to understand which assets are more critical to the operations of the business, and prioritize their work accordingly.”

Single view for total visibility

By consolidating the two data sets into a single team view, the integration empowers IT teams to collaborate more effectively with security teams. Additionally, IT organizations that lack dedicated security teams benefit from a better understanding of the security posture of the IT infrastructure.

 “Synchronizing our platform with robust IT asset discovery and inventory capabilities offered by Lansweeper provides the holistic approach to cybersecurity that our mutual customers need, enabling complete visibility from both an internal and external standpoint,” Gamra said. 

Lansweeper’s integration with FortifyData is just one of the ways we’re working to streamline workflows, provide unprecedented insight into your IT infrastructure, and deliver unmatched value to our customers. Find the FortifyData integration along with our full list of integrations here.


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