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How to Achieve CIS® Compliance with Lansweeper

3 min. read
By Esben Dochy

What Are the 18 CIS Critical Security Controls®?

Most cybersecurity frameworks are excellent for showing compliance but not well suited for prioritizing, measuring, and implementing practical IT security initiatives. To that end, you will need a consensus-based framework – such as the CIS 18 Critical Security Controls® (CIS Compliance) which include detailed practical and prioritized advice exactly on how to implement Cyber Security. The CIS® controls include detailed instructions on what to do, how to measure, how to prioritize, and how to audit your Cybersecurity posture.

How Lansweeper Supports CIS® Compliance

A well-maintained Asset Inventory Database is key in building a more comprehensive security program based on the CIS Critical Security Controls®. The first two controls, Inventory of Hardware Software Assets rely heavily on the Asset Inventory Database. As the CIS® Controls are prioritized, your efforts should be focused on 6 controls – also named the Cyber Hygiene Controls or Basic Controls. Lansweeper can be used to support additional controls but as the controls are most effective when implemented in order, so your initial focus should be on these 6 controls.

CIS Controls V8 1024x792.png 1

CIS® Control #1: Inventory & Control of Enterprise Assets

CIS® Control #2: Inventory & Control of Software Assets

The discovery of hard- and software data plays a critical role in maintaining an up-to-date synopsis of your entire IT estate to protect yourself against cybersecurity attacks. Leveraging that collected network data is a fundamental starting point for implementing security measures across your organization. Besides tackling the first basic controls, Lansweeper also enables you to tackle the remaining 4 Cyber Hygiene Controls (CIS Compliance).

  • CIS® Control #4: Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets & Software
  • CIS® Control #5: Account Management
  • CIS® Control #7: Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • CIS® Control #8: Audit Log Management


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