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Multi-factor Authentication Now Available

1 min. read
By Nils Macharis
MFA - Multi-factor Authentication

Security as a Top Priority

Since the beginning of early access to the IT Asset Data Platform, the security of the platform has been a major focus. As part of our ongoing security initiative, we have a specific security page to provide more transparency to our customers. Additionally, we achieved our SOC 2 attestation in September 2020.

Now we’re happy to announce that we’ve taken another major step by releasing the most requested security feature, Multi-factor Authentication!

Businesses are looking for ways to protect their digital assets while validating their user’s identities and at the same time providing a smooth user experience. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is the simplest and the most effective tool to provide another layer on top of the login credentials.

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Enable MFA for your Organization

By using your Microsoft Authenticator app or other authenticator apps, you can enable MFA on your Cloud site. Additionally, to provide this security for your entire organization, you can force MFA onto all user accounts on your site.

Multi factor Authentication MFA

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