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Lansweeper Achieves First SOC 2 Attestation

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By Nils Macharis

Lansweeper believes that visibility in your assets is fundamental to ensure you adequately protect your assets. You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Part of what you have is stored or processed by Lansweeper, and we are committed to protecting that information with due care.

We have committed ourselves to be a trustworthy service provider in this matter, and are proud to announce we have achieved our first SOC 2 attestation report, dedicated to our cloud platform and evaluated by a third-party auditor.  With this, our customers know their business information is safeguarded by the highest-quality protections and processes.

SOC, short for System and Organization Controls, was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as a reporting framework for systematically evaluating third-party service providers such as Lansweeper. Our SOC 2 report focuses on Lansweeper’s systems and controls as they relate to security and demonstrates we have adequately designed our processes and controls to meet those high standards.

Through this SOC 2 report, we want to provide you the answers you need or seek about the trustworthiness of our Cloud platform. As a customer with an active Lansweeper License, you’re entitled to get a copy of this report, subject to the confidentiality provisions in our Terms of Use. You can request your copy via Feel free to share your feedback regarding this report as well.

The SOC 2 report contains a clear description of our Cloud platform, the supporting organization, and the processes we have installed at Lansweeper, as well as the individual controls that support us in safeguarding your information. We have defined eight different processes and over 30 individual controls responding to your expectations and needs in terms of cybersecurity.

We are committed to pursuing consecutive SOC 2 reports and additional compliance standards. We’ll also continue to identify opportunities for adjusting the scope and approach based on your feedback.

Kristof from Lansweeper

Kristof from Lansweeper
Security Officer


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