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The Macintosh or Mac computer is designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple. In addition, they have developed a series of Macintosh operating systems like Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS X and macOS, which are based on the Unix operating system.  The Mac operating system is mainly used on workstations, but most recent versions can be used on servers as well. Only Apple devices support Mac OS. This is because the license does not support installing it on other operating systems.

Scanned Mac Information

Lansweeper scans Mac computers through the Secure Shell or SSH protocol, similar to other Unix based assets. When you enable SSH, a cryptographic network protocol, Lansweeper can run the system_profiler command on the asset. This System Profiler or System Information tool is a software utility which can gather technical data about installed hardware, devices, system settings and more. When Spotlight is enabled, Lansweeper can also retrieve information about the software that is installed on the asset. Spotlight is a system-wide search feature of Apple’s operating systems. Some of the Mac data Lansweeper scans:
  • Disks
  • Network interfaces
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Memory
  • OS
  • Processor
  • Serial number
  • Software
  • Uptime

Managing Mac Assets

Using the Lansweeper report builder you can create custom reports to get a clear overview of your Mac computers according to your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can make use of the built-in reports included in your Lansweeper installation.

Video | How To Scan Mac Computers

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