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VOIP Phone

A VOIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technology to transmit telephone calls over an IP network instead of the public switched telephone network that analog phones use. A VOIP phone can be software-based like, for example, Skype. A software-based IP phone or softphone can be detected by Lansweeper when scanning computers for software.  In addition, there are hardware-based VOIP phones as well which look like ordinary phones but are connected to the network. VOIP phones can be directly connected to the network with their own network connection. Alternatively, they can have an integrated mini-hub, so that they can share the network connection with a computer.

Scanned VOIP Phone Information

When Lansweeper scans your network, it will create an asset page for your hardware-based VOIP phones.  To retrieve information from your VOIP phones, Lansweeper will query the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP port. In addition, extra information is retrieved from the HTTPS and HTTP port. Some VOIP phones might even support the Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP as well. The scanned information can include, but is not limited to:
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Network information

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