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Smart TV

Network complexity continues to increase with more and more devices connecting to the network that previously did not. With the addition of all these devices, like smart TVs in meeting or presentation rooms, having an accurate inventory of all network-connected devices can be a challenge. The fact that no admin is required to set them up, can make your Network quickly spin out of control, but with Lansweeper you can set up automated reports, that will alert you when new devices are detected in your network

Scanned Smart TV Information

SMART-TV-SCANNING Lansweeper uses a wide range of protocols to identify and retrieve data from any device. Smart TVs and other consumer-type devices are increasingly also equipped with network capabilities to offer additional features. Most of these devices support the UPNP protocol which Lansweeper uses to retrieve data from the device. Scanned Smart TV information includes:
  • DNS name
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Description
  • Hardware version
  • Software version
  • Firmware version
  • Device version
  • Serial
  • IP address

Upnp Device Scanner

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