Spring 2023 - 'Duvel' LAUNCH

What's New in Lansweeper

Spring is coming to a close, and the Lansweeper 2023 Spring Release is ready to fly the nest and explore the wide world. Our 'Duvel' Launch brings you improved Risk Insights and Diagrams, LAPS credential management for on-prem, the very first Lansweeper Fundamentals Training, new integrations, and more.

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General Availability for Improved Diagrams

Diagrams are going into general availability, and it's doing so with a host of new improvements to give you an even more granular and personalized view of your IT estate. The new Star and Tree views let you choose how you want to display your diagrams, alongside more new personalization options and better search options and filters.

Enriched asset information gives you more insight into asset relationships. When you are done personalizing your Diagrams, you can also export them.

Risk Insights

Improved Vulnerability Risk Assessment

A top concern of ours is to bring you the most comprehensive Risk Insights. New sources have been added to bring you more details about exploitability, cause categorization, patch availability, and historical vulnerability information.

With our new resolution engine, you can now see the correlation between your inventory and the vulnerabilities catalog in real-time. Learn more about Risk Insights and vulnerability management.

Scanning Targets

Create Your Own Personalized Lansweeper Experience

The scanning targets 'Windows Computer’, 'SCCM', 'Intune', 'AirWatch', and ‘Chrome OS' can now be configured from your Lansweeper Sites. Previously, these were only available on-prem. You would have had to configure your scanning targets on-prem to then sync everything up to your Sites. The full choice of these targets will now be available to you directly on your Cloud Sites.

OT Enhancements

More and Better OT Coverage Than Before

A whole new range of new protocols was added to the (now self-updating) OT scanner to give you even better insight into your OT estate. Is your OT environment not connected to the internet? No problem. You can now export device information from disconnected hubs and import it into connected ones. This way, you can still have all your data in one place without connecting business-critical systems to the internet. Learn more about Lansweeper for Operational Technology Asset Management.

Services Marketplace

Browse Through Lansweeper's Service Partners

Have you had the chance to check out the Marketplace in your Lansweeper console? Now's a good time to pay another visit. You can now browse through Lansweeper's Service Partners to see the services that they have to offer. While you are there, make sure to check out the new integrations with Freshservice, Jira Service Management, Reftab, Vivantio CSM, and AssetRemix.

LAPS Credential Management

Hassle-free AD Credentials

The long-awaited integration with the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) is here for Lansweeper on-prem. Tired of updating your AD credentials in Lansweeper every time there is a password change? Lansweeper can now connect directly to your LAPS solution to retrieve the required credentials whenever needed. It's automated, secure, and only requires a single LAPS credential. 

Customizable Views

Enhanced Customizable Views

We are still on a quest to bring you the most personalized view of your network, by customizing it as much as possible. You can now customize your view of your Software inventory. New fields have been added to the overview and you can now sort and filter by IP address, as well as filter by custom fields. Learn more about Lansweeper Cloud Sites.

Fundamentals Training

Power your Product Growth With the Fundamentals Learning Path

Have you ever wanted the full story on Lansweeper's features and functions? Maybe you're new to Lansweeper? Perhaps you want to train a new team member? Look no further than the Lansweeper Fundamentals Training, available now on the Lansweeper Community. This series of articles and videos will give you a proper understanding of Lansweeper, so you will always get the most out of your Lansweeper experience.

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