Reftab Integration

Seamlessly Integrate Reftab with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & Reftab

Populate your Reftab account with networked devices automatically found from Lansweeper.

Reftab is customizable to track the lifecycle of all assets - not just networked assets. It's a significant time saver and security advantage to populate your Reftab account with networked devices automatically found from Lansweeper.

Within Reftab, assets can be assigned to users, which provides you with a one-stop shop for vital device information like anti-virus, firmware version, etc., so that you remain compliant with IT security policies. We also include free mobile apps for iOS and Android to scan barcodes and QR codes so that you can view vital information quickly.

Reftab has multiple automations available. For example, you can send emails to users who own equipment (a "custody verification request"), which allows users to update you on the condition and status of their devices.

Key Integration Features

  • Automate on-boarding and off-boarding of employee IT equipment.
  • Assign assets to end-users and have users e-sign company hardware agreement forms.
  • Save time by automating data entry so your IT team can focus on more critical tasks.


  • Lansweeper Starter, Pro or Enterprise License



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With 10 years as a software provider for IT asset management, Reftab is built to be simple and easy to understand so that users can spend time on more important tasks than managing inventory and assets.

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Lansweeper Enterprise, Lansweeper Pro, Lansweeper Starter

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