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TRY NOW Provides a Solid Foundation for Secure, High-performance IT Environments is a value-added reseller of different software solutions and Lansweeper’s principal partner in Brazil. The company delivers and implements software and managed services for organizations across Brazil and other countries across Latin America. With just a hundred employees, works with medium and large enterprise customers across industries, from retail to insurance, government, education, and more. 

According to Anderson Dal Bo, Director of Products and Services at, Lansweeper was already one of’s offerings when he came on board about eight years ago, and the company’s recommended IT discovery solution for creating a foundation for securing customers’ IT environments. Nearly 80 of’s customers use Lansweeper for IT asset discovery and management, with security being one of the biggest use cases.

“When it comes to security, it’s very important to start with an accurate inventory of all your hardware and software, and that’s what Lansweeper does so well. We are excited by the recent platform enhancements, particularly the new features around enhancing security, lifecycle management and asset visualization.”

Anderson Dal Bo
Director of Products and Services

Agentless Solution Provides Valuable Insights

Dal Bo said that he learned quickly how valuable Lansweeper is to’s customers. The agentless solution enables Dal Bo’s team to retrieve granular data on every network-connected asset without having to manually install the platform on customers’ assets. 

“Not only does Lansweeper provide rich functionality and automated reporting, it’s a cost-effective solution that’s very easy to implement and use,” he said, adding that he has worked with other IT discovery solutions but they are not as easy to implement and manage. “Our customers rely heavily on Lansweeper insights and reports, which help network administrators understand what equipment is affected by vulnerabilities that could lead to a security incident.”

Lansweeper’s vulnerability and risk reports save network administrators time and effort because they can pinpoint vulnerabilities quickly and move directly to fixing the problem, rather than wasting time researching potential issues and chasing down information. “Lansweeper provides straightforward indicators to the assets that may have a vulnerability, which expedites mitigation before an incident can occur,” Dal Bo said.

“A Strategic Product”

Of the 10,000+ different products in’s portfolio, Lansweeper is one of 40 that are considered “strategic products,” and Dal Bo said Lansweeper’s ability to integrate seamlessly with other strategic products in the portfolio provides a competitive advantage. “We offer several market-leading products that can be combined with Lansweeper, such as PRTG Network Monitor, to provide a more comprehensive solution for customers as part of a larger IT management strategy.”

Dal Bo said that partnering with Lansweeper has been a very positive experience, as well. In the coming months, his team will be working closely with Lansweeper to close two large accounts and help customers to deploy the most recent features and enhancements to the platform. “We love the Lansweeper team,” he said. “We exchange information all the time, and they provide exceptional support in helping us put new business opportunities together.”