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Fiskars Group Discovers the Many Advantages of Proper IT Inventory

Fiskars Group

Since 1649, Fiskars Group has pioneered designing products with timeless, purposeful, and functional beauty while driving innovation and sustainable growth. Headquartered in Finland but with a presence in 29 countries, they are the home of design-driven brands for indoor and outdoor living around the globe.


  • Always accurate and up-to-date CMDB to take their ITSM to the next level.
  • Seamless integration with 4me CMDB
  • Clear and user-friendly lifecycle reporting.
  • Full visibility of the IT estate, including deactivated devices

The IT department at Fiskars Group works with a widely distributed network with locations in 29 countries, multiple on-premise data centers, and an Azure environment. Near the end of 2022, they concluded that they needed an IT inventory tool. According to Alexandru Danila, IT Configuration Manager, the CMDB they were drawing their data from for service management activities and payments to suppliers was not reliable.

Unfortunately, the CIs in their CMDB were still being maintained manually, which resulted in chaos. There was no way of knowing if the recorded information was complete, accurate, and up-to-date. They needed a discovery tool to feed reliable and regularly updated information into the CMDB. This eventually led them to Lansweeper.

Finally, a Complete and Up-To-Date CMDB

According to Alex, Lansweeper’s choice was easy. Their main goal was to find an inventory tool to regularly scan their IT assets and funnel the data into their CMDB to keep it complete and up-to-date. That data can then be used in their ITSM tool. Alex himself had experience with similar tools from previous positions, and Fiskars Group had already used Lansweeper with positive results. The decisions seemed obvious.

Lansweeper delivered exactly what they were looking for and more. It easily integrates with their chosen ITSM solution, feeding the 4me CMDB with accurate and up-to-date asset data. The pre-built Lansweeper-4me integration makes the whole process seamless and hassle-free. Lansweeper also tracks changes when a device has been updated or removed to keep the 4me CMDB current. Thanks to the complete and reliable CMDB data, support, and service management have sped up significantly.f

Came for the CMDB, Stayed for Everything Else

From there on, the use case for Lansweeper extended into IT asset management and software asset management, with multiple teams now drawing their information from Lansweeper to support a wide array of IT goals, ranging from license compliance to lifecycle management.

The team was pleasantly surprised to see the depth of asset information Lansweeper gathers, especially for Windows. The hardware asset management team is happy to report on the lifecycle and warranty information Lansweeper retrieves from manufacturers so old assets can be upgraded or replaced in time.

“It definitely, impressed me with the level of detail. The Cloud site is also much more user-friendly. It has the reports capability and the dashboard capabilities that users can relate to. It certainly makes a difference.”

Alexandru Danila
IT Configuration Manager at Fiskars Group

Fiskars Group got everything they were looking for between the user-friendly cloud site, the software reports and dashboard capabilities, and the veritable treasure trove of information Lansweeper delivered. Thanks to the additional support features included with their Enterprise license, they can count on their customer success manager and the Lansweeper support team to get more out of Lansweeper every day.