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Microsoft Office Version Audit

Security Software

List Microsoft Office Installs and Their Version

The report below will give you an overview of all the Microsoft Office installations in your network and their current version. Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity software created by Microsoft, each with its own specific purpose. It includes some of Microsoft’s most well-known applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In June 2023, Microsoft disclosed remote code execution vulnerabilities have been collectively tracked as CVE-2023-36884. Microsoft has confirmed that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in cyberattacks against government entities in North America and Europe. If you are using Microsoft 365 Apps versions 2302 or higher, you are safe from attachments that try to exploit the vulnerability. Otherwise, you can set the FEATURE_BLOCK_CROSS_PROTOCOL_FILE_NAVIGATION registry key to avoid exploitation. If you are using the registry key, you can use the Storm-0978 Attacks Mitigation Audit to locate installs that don’t have it yet.

Microsoft Office Version Audit Report






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