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Helpdesk Agent Notes Sent in Last 7 Days


Discover the Number of Replies of Helpdesk Agents in the Last Week

Get an overview of all your helpdesk agents and the number of replies they have sent in the last 7 Days. Keeping track of the performance of your agents is obviously important to keep service quality up to standard. The amount of replies or notes a helpdesk agent sends to end users also plays a part in servicing end users. This report shows agents and the number of notes they have sent the last week. Agent notes sent recently

Helpdesk Agent Notes Sent in Last 7 Days Query

Select Top 1000000 htblticket.ticketid,
  '#' + Cast(htblticket.ticketid As nvarchar) As Ticket, As CreationDate,
  htblticket.updated As LastUpdated,
  htbltickettypes.typename As Type,
  htblticketstates.statename As State, As Priority, As Source, As [User], As AssignedAgent,
  '../helpdesk/icons/' + htbltickettypes.icon As icon,
  htblticket.subject As Subject, As NoteSentDate,
  Case htblnotes.notetype
    When 1 Then 'Public Reply'
    When 2 Then 'Internal Note'
    Else 'Initial Ticket'
  End As NoteType, As NoteSentBy
From htblticket
  Inner Join htblpriorities On htblpriorities.priority = htblticket.priority
  Inner Join htblticketstates On htblticketstates.ticketstateid =
  Inner Join htblusers On htblusers.userid = htblticket.fromuserid
  Left Join htblagents On htblagents.agentid = htblticket.agentid
  Left Join htblusers htblusers1 On htblusers1.userid = htblagents.userid
  Inner Join htbltickettypes On htblticket.tickettypeid =
  Inner Join htblsource On htblticket.sourceid = htblsource.sourceid
  Inner Join htblnotes On htblticket.ticketid = htblnotes.ticketid
  Inner Join htblagents htblagents1 On htblagents1.userid = htblnotes.userid
  Inner Join htblusers htblusers2 On htblusers2.userid = htblagents1.userid
Where > GetDate() - 7 And htblticket.spam <> 'True'
Order By NoteSentDate Desc,




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