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Webinar: Unravel NIS2 Compliance with Lansweeper

As the European Union undergoes a profound cybersecurity shift through NIS2, our webinar invites you to explore the new legislation and address certain question marks you have. Gain strategic insights and a clear compliance roadmap from Lansweeper experts to navigate the complexities of NIS2 effectively.

In this session, we’ll unravel the complexities of the NIS2 Directive, examining its business implications and uncovering adaptive strategies for success.

  • Introduction (5 minutes): A brief opening to set the context and objectives of the webinar.
  • NIS2 Overview: Implementation, Impact, and Scope (15 minutes): An in-depth examination of the NIS2 framework, focusing on its implementation strategies, impact on businesses, and the scope of its application.
  • Legislation Deep Dive: Specific Articles Review (20 minutes): A comprehensive review of key articles within the NIS2 legislation, accompanied by a showcase of precise solutions provided by Lansweeper to facilitate effective compliance preparation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your journey with confidence to NIS2 compliance.

Meet The Speakers

  • Esben Dochy, Lansweeper's Senior Technical Product Evangelist

    Esben Dochy

    Senior Technical Product Evangelist at Lansweeper
  • Joeri De Graeve, Team Lead Pre-sales at Lansweeper

    Joeri De Graeve

    Team Lead Pre-sales at Lansweeper