Webinar: Lansweeper & IT Europa webinar for MSPs: “But NIS2 doesn’t affect me after Brexit”… think again!

The regulatory cybersecurity requirements impacting MSPs is set to tighten over the next few years considering major breaches have been amplified by lack of controls within service providers. Across the board, MSPs need to raise their game when it comes to regulatory compliance to deliver on their duty of care. Those ignoring the issues face a future excluded from potentially lucrative deals due to a lack of cyber certifications.

This shifting regulatory landscape starts with existing frameworks like PCI-DSS where recent revisions extend controls to more areas that include managed services. While in the UK, MSPs are reporting that the Government backed Cyber Essentials+ certification has become almost mandated within public sector RFPs and tenders.

But an often-overlooked aspect is that under the new European Parliament curated NIS2 legislation that goes into force later this year, regulated organizations outside the EU such as MSP in the UK with clients inside the EU, may need to be registered with an authority in the most relevant EU member state.

Our next webinar in collaboration with IT Europa looks at this emerging challenge with a lively discussion around the current compliance landscape along and likely future trends. The session also includes practical advice on how to both meet internal compliance goals while potentially extending compliance services to clients across a diverse range of sectors.

Areas of discussion include:

• How is Cyber Essentials+ changing the MSP discussion around compliance?

• How will NIS2 impact MSPs that operate in the UK and the wider EU?

• What tools, technologies and workflows can help meet compliance goals?

Meet The Speakers

Esben Dochy is the Senior Technical Product Evangelist at Lansweeper, leveraging over 6 years of dedicated expertise to drive innovation and customer-centric solutions. His pivotal role in Lansweeper’s cybersecurity advancements includes pioneering features such as Patch Tuesday audits, specialized end-of-life audits, vulnerability audits, and the latest risk insights feature. Esben’s contributions have been instrumental in positioning Lansweeper as a frontrunner in the cybersecurity domain, continually enhancing its capabilities to meet evolving industry needs.

Joeri De Graeve, a seasoned Presales Leader at Lansweeper with over 7 years of expertise. Specializing in IT asset management, Joeri has successfully tailored Lansweeper solutions for clients across diverse sectors, from small businesses to large enterprises. As a trusted advisor, Joeri guides organizations toward optimal solutions, ensuring a seamless fit with Lansweeper’s cutting-edge technologies.

  • Esben Dochy, Lansweeper's Senior Technical Product Evangelist

    Esben Dochy

    Senior Technical Product Evangelist at Lansweeper
  • Joeri De Graeve, Team Lead Pre-sales at Lansweeper

    Joeri De Graeve

    Team Lead Pre-sales at Lansweeper