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Contextualize Security Events & Incidents in Splunk SOAR with Lansweeper Data

Lansweeper’s integration with Splunk SOAR puts detailed IT asset data at the fingertips of security teams, so they can contextualize security events and alerts instantly, with real-time granular information about devices, device location, installed software, users and more. With rapid access to all the data they need to orchestrate a response, security teams can improve how they manage security operations, conduct threat hunting and incident response with confidence and efficiency, and automate security policies to protect their organizations.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • The benefits of combining Lansweeper & Splunk SOAR
  • Integration Demo
  • Enriching a security incident with the IT Asset data from Lansweeper
  • Using Lansweeper commands in Splunk Soar
  • Setting up the integration in Lansweeper Cloud & Splunk Soar

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