Your License is about to expire.

Good news! There's still time to renew, and it's as easy as ever.

Lansweeper’s licensing is subscription-based. If your subscription is set to renew automatically, the billing contact will receive an automated email with renewal instructions 14 days prior to your license’s expiration date. This automated email includes your renewal cost, renewal instructions.

If you did previously cancel recurring billing for your subscription, you will not receive the automated renewal email. If you wish to renew your subscription, please contact our Sales Team.

If you purchased through an IT Partner, any billing-related information is sent to your partner. To verify the status of your renewal, please contact your IT Partner directly.

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If you are unsure who your subscription’s billing contact is or require further information regarding your renewal, please contact our Sales Team and provide your order reference number.

Your order reference is listed under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License in the Lansweeper web console.

If you need a renewal quote to pass by procurement, please contact our Sales Team and provide us with your order reference.

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  • An asset is a device picked up by Lansweeper or manually added by a user. Monitors are not counted towards the asset limit.
  • You can retrieve your order reference number in the Lansweeper Web Console under Configuration/Your Lansweeper License.
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