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SNMP MIB Browser

Unlimited SNMP Data at Your Disposal

The Lansweeper MIB Browser is the essential tool for network administrators to manage SNMP-enabled network devices and applications.

  • Walk any MIB tree and determine which MIBs are supported by a particular network device.
  • Browse and scan millions of precompiled, unique MIBs in our MIB Library.
  • Search through the OID Library and add them to an OID scanning target.
  • Easily import your own custom MIB files.

SNMP Network Management Made Easy

Lansweeper automatically retrieves a wide variety of information from SNMP network devices. Additionally, the MIB Browser enables you to easily import MIB files of manufacturers and walk the MIB tree to view all available data. You can also search and view multiple MIB modules within your Lansweeper web console and perform a direct import for custom OID scanning. Simply tell Lansweeper what you want to know and the MIB Browser will go get it on every SNMP network device.


What is SNMP?

SNMP, short for Simple Network Management Protocol, is a standard language that network devices use to communicate with each other. It allows devices in a network to share information, even if these devices run different software. Network management tools use SNMP to identify devices, track changes in the network, monitor network performance, and determine the status of devices. SNMP is based on the manager/agent model:

  • The SNMP manager provides the interface between the network administrator and the network management system.
  • The SNMP agent provides the interface between the manager and the network devices.

SNMP MIB Browser MIB Library.png

What is SNMP MIB?

The SNMP manager and SNMP agent use a tree-like format to exchange data. This data tree consists of several tables, also called Management Information Bases or MIBs. An MIB is actually a formatted text file that groups together all of the data objects used by a particular piece of equipment. When you add a new SNMP device to your network, you want it to send messages to the SNMP manager. However, the SNMP manager will not natively understand them. That is where MIB comes in. Each SNMP device comes with an MIB file that you can load into the SNMP manager. The MIB file allows message translation, enabling communication between the device and the SNMP manager.

What is an SNMP MIB Browser?

An SNMP MIB Browser is a network management and analysis tool that can communicate with SNMP agents and SNMP devices in the same network. It allows network administrators to pull data from SNMP devices and display it in a readable format. An SNMP MIB Browser also enables you to load, browse, and search MIB files and perform basic functions.


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