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Switch Port Mapping

Find Switches Through Automated Switch Port Mapping

Lansweeper helps IT professionals discover and map not only switches and their ports but all the devices that are connected to every switch port as well. For every connected port, the switch port mapper function lists the MAC address, IP address, and host names of the computers and devices associated with that port. Considering Lansweeper retrieves data using SNMP, all major manufacturers using SNMP are supported, including Cisco and Palo Alto Switches. Lansweeper is your dedicated network mapper, indispensable for IP address and switch port management.

  • Find all switch ports across your network
  • Centralize all the switch data in a handy overview
  • Navigate your switch data quickly
  • Instantly get detailed info on devices connected to your switches
  • Use built-in or customized switch reports
  • Map your switch and asset locations on an office blueprint



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Why Would You Want to Map Switch Ports?

Keeping an oversight of the switches on your network is key for a system administrator. A network switch search helps you to gather network switch information, crucial for drawing up a clear overview of your (V)LAN and creating a comprehensible network map. Lansweeper has an integrated switch port mapper function that can provide quick switch port overviews. With these overviews, you can more easily handle IT-related tasks such as license management, hardware maintenance, and machine or system troubleshooting.

Switch Port Mapping Connected Devices

Instant Overviews and Easy Data Navigation

As a sysadmin, you do not want to waste time looking for the data you need. The Lansweeper platform has a page dedicated to switches that lists switch and network interface data. The list is automatically generated and its items are hyperlinked so you can quickly navigate from port overviews to device overviews and vice versa. You can also narrow your search if you are looking for more specific info. The list columns have input boxes where you can type in a device name, model, manufacturer, … and instantly get an overview of only those assets. But that is not all. Lansweeper has a reporting function that gives you the means to customize your searches in even more detail.

Scan Additional SNMP Switch Data

Off the shelf, Lansweeper already scans a lot of information with a broad one-size fits all discovery of your network, using the built-in reports. Nevertheless, some device types have very specific information that you will want to include in a customized report. That is exactly what custom OID scanning enables you to do. Tell Lansweeper what you want to know, and it will go get it on every SNMP-enabled device. This increased flexibility allows you to scan even deeper. Moreover, when selecting your OID scanning target, you can import MIB files from the MIB library. This allows you to quickly aim for very detailed data. The MIB library also contains user-made MIB files for you to discover.


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