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Agent-based Scanning
with LsAgent


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2018 09 11 10 29 33 LsAgent Scanning

Discover Hard-to-Reach Devices

Lansweeper usually scans your entire IT environment completely Agentless. However, with networks becoming increasingly mobile and complicated, certain assets become harder to reach. Think for example of laptops out on the road, devices at remote locations or machines in protected zones (DMZs).

LsAgent is a small, lightweight application that gathers data locally from Windows, Mac & Linux devices and sends it back to your Lansweeper installation. It is Lansweeper’s answer to increased network mobility and complexity.

Secure and Reliable Inventory

LsAgent helps you keep track of those difficult to scan devices without snagging on credentials, requirements or firewalls. It gathers the asset data locally and then sends it back to your Lansweeper installation.

The data can be sent back either by using a direct push or through Lansweeper’s cloud-hosted relay service. The relay encrypts and stores your data in a hyper-secure environment, where your Lansweeper installation can come and fetch it. Get started with LsAgent now and download your installer here.


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