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TM Solutech Private Limited

A distinguished IT company founded in 2020, TM Solutech believes in supplying high-quality products and services customized to the client’s needs and platforms.

Our motto prioritizes customer needs, making each of our projects unique. Our working systems are also tailored to deliver according to our slogan and reflect that as we do our best to reduce the timescales and costs. The product development is suited to keep these two things in mind without compromising quality – time efficiency and cost-effectiveness – both of which help our clients reach their full potential.

Lansweeper Services

We offer SAM&C audits based on Lansweeper data. We use Lansweeper as a discovery solution and data source and have built custom dashboards & reports within Lansweeper to provide our services.
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TM Solutech Private Limited Headquarters

  • 805 Aditya Building,
  • Ahmedabad
  • 380006
  • India