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RiveRIT Pte Ltd

RiverIT delivers high valued, affordable, efficient Infrastructure solutions for all different sizes of organization to gain competitive advantage in this new economy. Ensuring complete IT infrastructure solutions and simplified implementation for different organization, RiverIT integrates and offers the following services: –

1. Business Continuity Solution and Service.
2. Internet Security Services :- Firewall, VPN, Anti-Spamming, security log analysis
3. Server Consolidation, Virtualization.
4. Offsite Storage
5. Wireless Hotspot Solution
6. Maintenance Service
7. Hospitality Solution – in-rooms TV entertainment

Lansweeper Services

RiveRIT provides network monitoring, inventory management, cybersecurity and desktop supports to customers. Lansweeper as a discovery solution, generate reports to manage the company’s asset and support services.
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RiveRIT Pte Ltd Headquarters

  • 401 HaveLock Road, #02-18A, Singapore 169631
  • Singapore
  • 169631
  • Singapore