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Qualoom Expertise Technology S.L.

Qualoom offers a wide range of cutting-edge and functional solutions, tailored to the technological needs of your company.

In the rapidly evolving field of systems integration, Qualoom is always at the forefront of the market, offering our customers the best solutions at all stages of development, from the creation of the project by our engineering team, to the installation of voice or data transmission infrastructures, to the implementation of storage or virtualisation systems.

Qualoom guarantees the optimal functioning of your systems thanks to our maintenance programmes, carried out at all times by our highly qualified and constantly trained team of professionals.

Lansweeper Services

Discovery and governance of assets encompass a broad spectrum of activities critical to the effective management of an organization’s technological resources. This includes network electronics, which ensures the seamless operation and security of network infrastructure. Additionally, comprehensive scanning of Office 365 environments is pivotal for identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Leveraging Microsoft Intune allows for the streamlined deployment and management of devices across the enterprise, enhancing both security and productivity. In the realm of cloud services, the integration and administration of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are essential for scalable and flexible IT solutions. Effective management of licensing is crucial to ensure cost-efficiency and legal compliance in software utilization. Moreover, the monitoring and supervision of assets are integral to maintaining optimal performance and preventing potential issues. This holistic approach to asset management is fundamental in supporting the organization’s strategic objectives and sustaining its technological ecosystem.
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