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LG6 Inc.

LG6 was established in 2015 by seasoned Microsoft veterans specialized in Software, Cloud and SAAS Management

Since its beginnings, LG6 is completely independent of software vendors to enable companies to receive objective and impartial licensing support and SAM advisory services.

Based on its experience and knowledge of the market, the LG6 team is recognized for its deep understanding of the software usage rights of major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, etc, SAM tool expertise, Cloud/SAAS optimization, and contract negotiation.

Lansweeper Services

We offer hardware/software/users inventory discovery services using Lansweeper data. We also provide optimization engagement and managed services.
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LG6 Inc. Headquarters

  • 6 Place du Commerce Suite 106
  • Brossard
  • J4W 3J9
  • Canada