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IT Support & Services Consultores Asociados SRL

We are a company stablished in 2002, we assist Peruvian companies and eventually foreign companies selling them mainly IT software solutions, also offer NGFW.
Actually we manage about 100 companies covering a wide range of solutions for our customers.
We provide pre and post sale assistnat bringing Technical Support.
We offer Technical Support on site and remote using Teamviewer or Anydesk.
We are exclusive resellers in Peru of many IT providers.
We cover diferent markets: Education, manufacturing, Government, Financial, Utilities, Isnurance, health, etc

Lansweeper Services

We offer Lansweeper as a complete solution for HW and SW inventory, bringing also useful tools like remote control, uninstallation of undesired programs, inventory of external equipments and also as an alert system due lansweeper can inform foe example servers without antivirus of PCs and Servers with obsolete OS.
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IT Support & Services Consultores Asociados SRL Headquarters

  • Calle Puno 135 piso 2 – La Molina
  • Lima
  • Lima12
  • Peru