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For 30 years companies have been choosing Manchester based House-on-the-Hill for both the Service Management software and the people.
Our small team’s customer service is unmatched within the industry thanks to the flexibility of the software and our dedication to deliver you tailored ticketing solutions.
It’s our ability to listen and work with a customer to deliver a better IT service now and into the future.

Lansweeper Services

We use Lansweeper as a discovery solution. We import data into our product and map values to certain fields to the corresponding inventory record. We then map the user value taken from Lansweeper to a corresponding user in our product, which maps the relationship between user and inventory record. Its key features are: Determine and manage all software on the network – even those outside the firewall Scan for known and unknown applications across your entire network Support anybody on your network from any computer with browser-based support Rapidly provision and configure new PCs from a ‘bare-metal’ state remotely Distribute large software packages with minimal bandwidth Redirect screen output and use boot redirection to repair non-responsive systems Easily select targets with a task scheduler that integrates with director
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