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Cartalogic Limited

At Cartalogic, we specialize in strategic enterprise tooling with a focus on asset discovery, CMDB, ITSM, and ESM. Our approach merges advisory services with risk management, cost control, and improved visibility of IT landscapes, all while enhancing user experience and architectural efficiency. By doing so, we are committed to transforming and streamlining technology landscapes, making operations more effective across various organizational environments in a cost effective manner.

Lansweeper Services

We offer a rapid asset visibility accelerator leveraging both Lansweeper’s core capability and our home grown methods. We focus on the downstream consumption of data including foundational data that supports enriched service mapping to enable dependency mapping and integrations into a range of CMDBs and upstream ITSM processes.
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Cartalogic Limited Headquarters

  • 112 Morden Road
  • London
  • SW19 3BP
  • United Kingdom